About us

Our company

SpartanDragon isn't really a company, per se.  It's more of a hobby that I've decided to share with others.  If I can create something which will make your life better, or you can give as a gift to brighten someone else's day, then all is good.  I've decided to create this website so I can share my hobby with others.

Why SpartanDragon?

Well, since I was little I've been fascinated by dragons, fantasy creatures, and Greek and Norse mythology.  In high school I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, and the fascination grew.  Long after college, I began a new hobby called Obstacle Course Racing, or OCR.  One of the OCR companies I enjoy competing with is called Spartan Race.  Combine my two hobbies together, and you get SpartanDragon.

Charitable Donations

With each order I will make a 10% (of the purchase price) donation to a charitable organization.  Here are the organizations I've chosen, and how the donations are determined.  If you order something with any of the following themes:
1. Star Wars : Make A Wish Foundation
5. Animals : TBD
6. Other : TBD